Unlike traditional museums where facts and artifacts are displayed behind glass shelves only to be admired but not touched, Museo Pambata features hands-on exhibits that encourage children to explore and discover various concepts while they play.

Museo Pambata has eight theme rooms:

Environment / Kalikasan

Be inspired to take action to help Mother Nature, by learning from a simulated rainforest and coastal area! We also have a herbal garden where you can learn more about plants and their various uses.

Old Manila / Maynila Noon

Take a whimsical journey back to turn-of-the-century Manila! Put on clothes your ancestors wore, ride the tranvia, board a Spanish galleon, or step into a miniature cathedral and bahay na bato (stonehouse).

Career Options / Paglaki Ko

What do you want to be when you grow up? Discover infinite possibilities and visualize yourself in a career of your own choice! (Currently features AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS)

I Love My Planet Earth

Let's all help in saving Mother Earth! View exhibits on climate change and other environmental issues, and how you can do your part in saving our planet.

My Body Works / Katawan Ko

Journey inside the human body through a tunnel maze! Understand how our different organs work in harmony to keep our bodies functioning.

Marketplace / Pamilihang Bayan

Your favorite neighborhood shops are all here! Pretend to shop in a row of play stores and practice your entrepreneurial and budgeting skills!

Global Village / Bata sa Mundo

Get a glimpse of children around the world! See dolls in national costumes, toys and musical instruments from different countries and play indoor games!

Karapatan Hall

A hall dedicated to the Rights of the Child where various arts and cultural activities for children are held.